English Training and Translation


The Netherlands is seen as the hub of European business, and the Dutch lead many of the world’s most successful companies. In an increasingly international business culture, the importance of communication in English is beyond question. To be a serious competitor in this market requires a feel for the English language above and beyond that taught in schools or during evening classes. Would you like to be able to express yourself more effectively and professionally in business English? Customised Business English Training with Caroline Pickard from offers the ideal solution: learn how to use authentic English in a practical setting, where the emphasis is on real-life business situations.

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Business English Training

Dutch to English Translation

Lost in Translation? can help you. However confident you are in English, some documents are just too important to trust to a dictionary or translation website. If you require a high quality translation of your business documentation, Caroline Pickard has the experience of Dutch to English business translations to feel the appropriate nuance and context to ensure your document creates a professional impact.

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